Welcome to ParAid Machining Services

The cornerstone of ParAid Machining is the commitment to Total Quality Management.
Each individual within the organisation takes pride and responsibility for their part in meeting
customer needs, demonstrated by achieving the BS/EN ISO 9001:2000 accreditation.
The company has fine-tuned a culture of high quality precision engineered
solutions; a hallmark of each product to leave our factory. Our 10,000 sq ft facility and
highly-skilled workforce in Birmingham offers intelligent, innovative engineering solutions
to a wide range of medical, ambulant and other high-quality precision needs.


Investment in precision CNC machines has attracted the attention of a wide range of
commercial customers, who depend on the exacting standard and flexible approach of
ParAid’s machining services.


ParAid is a one-stop shop, whether for a specialist component or comprehensive short-run
machining and assembly contracts.


  • CNC Milling
  • CNC Turning
  • CAD
  • Aluminium/Stainless
  • Steel Welding
  • Fabrication
  • Tube Bending


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